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Welcome to the online home of Black Girls Ride Magazine, the first ever motorcycle magazine in celebration of women of color! Black Girls Ride Magazine is your source for new product launches, women’s rider fashion, and MC set events. Each month we’ll profile riders, female MC clubs, professional racers and stunters, each with their own unique stories to tell.

The need for a motorcycle magazine in celebration of women of color sprang out of my research on black women riders.  I was curious about the beginning of this thing we call “the set” and how it has evolved in the new millennium. Captivated by Bessie Stringfield, who paved the way for all women who ride, race or stunt, I kept looking for women who continued her legacy.  As a community, our history tends to be more oral than written.  This meant that rider profiles on women of color were very hard to find.  Determined to carry on her legacy, and tell the story of the powerful women I knew personally, I set out to create Black Girls Ride Magazine. As we continue to meet new female riders and clubs, we are motivated to chronicle the legacy of our international community riders.

Black Girls Ride is not an exclusive racial statement; It is an inclusive celebration of all women who live to ride.  You’ll find women of all ethnicities in our pages.  We believe that all women who ride are Beautiful Bikers.  That said, we are unapologetic about giving a voice to women of color in motorsports.  We are often asked, “Why call it Black Girls Ride?”  My direct answer is simple.  There is a need for the voice of all women in motorsports, but specifically for Black Women, to be heard.  We overspend on bikes, accessories and gear, yet remain under represented in motorsports media, marketing and advertising.  We intend to be the change we want to see.  We take pride in bringing you articles on professionals like Peggy Llewellyn, Crystal Dickerson, and SJ Harris.  We are honored to feature living legends like Ms. Showtime, Seccret the Cross Country Rider and Suicide.  We focus on the women who have endured to be simply seen as equals, highlighting Female MCs that represent with Pride and Dignity in their communities. While there are levels to the MC lifestyle, allow us to cross the entire spectrum.  We recognize all women, regardless of bike or club status.  From 250cc to 1400cc and beyond, we believe we are all united as sisters on ground.

Our magazine embodies the fearless, take charge attitude we exhibit on these powerful machines. Our readers live the urban biker lifestyle, we work in board rooms and classrooms across the nation, and we find joy on the open road. We are affluent, culturally diverse, and ever evolving consumers.  We’re not afraid to enjoy the fruits of our labor.  We have dedicated a part of our income to our biker lifestyle and enjoy motorsports. We plan annually to travel and enjoy our rides.  We own Cruisers, Sportsbikes, Dirtbikes and Trykes and take great pride in showing them off.  We are always interested in the hottest and newest bikes, and average a new bike purchase every two years.  We encourage the motorsports community to take notice.  We are a small part of the market, but we are passionate about this lifestyle, and look forward to connecting with riders all over the world.


Join the Movement!

Porsche Taylor
Founder & Editor-In-Chief
Black Girls Ride Magazine

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