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Choosing Your "Starter Bike"


Now that riding season is upon us, women are gathering up the courage to join the sisterhood of women riders, and choose their very first bike.  Whether you choose a Harley or Sportbike, a big bike or small one, be sure to choose the bike that fits for you.  The legendary NDN RED of the OG Route 66 MC offers some words of advice: •Encouraging words for all sisters out there that want to ride• I have been riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles for 32 years this year. I learned in 1982 on a brand new 1983 Wide Glide exactly like the one pictured here. I was less than one third of the age I am now and about half the size I am now. I always hear women that are new to riding talk about "starter" bikes. Oftentimes, what happens is women invest money and time into a bike that they rapidly outgrow and then are stuck with. I feel that women should not embrace the mindset that they have to have a starter bike. Develop the confidence and attitude that no matter what size bike it is that they should ride the one that they want to own and ride. Have heart. Work it out. I know that this advice is not for everyone, but if this post speaks to you then put your big girl panties on and biker up! Here are a few tips to keep in mind: - Don't let anyone talk you into a small 250 if you feel you want more power or a big Road Glide if it's not comfortable for you. - Be sure to test your options before you make a purchasing decision.  Visit different Motorcycle shops and actually sit on the bikes.  There are some who will allow you to take a test ride, if you have an M1 license. - Don't buy a bike because of someone else's riding style. - Don't buy a bike without an experienced rider.  This is especially true for used bikes. - Don't be afraid to start big.  Some bikes may be intimidating because of the engine size, but remember, it's better to have the power and not need it, than to not have the power. - Listen to yourself.  Trust yourself to know what you can and can not handle. For those of you making the decision to join us on ground, welcome to the sisterhood of Beautiful Bikers!

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