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First Look: BMW's 2015 S1000R

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BMW has thrown their hat into the streetfighter ring with the updated 2015 BMW S1000R, a luxurious street bike hybrid. When Kevin Foster, of Irv Seaver BMW offered us a first ride, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

A “streetfighter” is defined as a sport bike that is customized by removing the front or side fairings, giving it an agressive look. Originally, streetfighters were customized by their owners. Over the years, every major manufacturer has added a streetfighter to their line up. The streetfighter set up is a more comfortable, up-right seating. With no front fairing, we were prepared for increased wind resistance, but the ride was surprisingly comfortable, even at high speeds. With a base price of $13,260, the BMW S1000R offers more standard comfort than all streetfighters on the market.

The BMW S1000R sets itself apart from the competion with standard and optional luxury features, including no clutch shifting, Race ABS and ASC (automatic stability control), heated hand grips, and three suspension riding modes. Our favorite feature is the cruise control option. This allows a sport bike rider to get comfortable on long distances, where hand and wrist fatigue becomes an issue. The three riding modes digitally alter the suspension of the bike to handle your riding experience. Choose from Rain, Road and Dynamic modes, depending on your needs. The breaks on the S1000R are hard core. Just a tap of the breaks was enough to snatch the bike to a halt.

The S1000R definitely looks aggressive, and can keep up with the big boys on the highway. The luxury features make it a joy to maneuver both in traffic, and on long highway rides.


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