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First Ride: 2018 Polaris Slingshot

Is it a Motorcycle or a sports car?  No matter what you call it, the 2018 Polaris Slingshot is fast, fun, and fabulous!  Technically, the Slingshot is considered a 3-wheeled motorcycle, but it’s certainly unlike anything we’ve ever experienced.  Because it’s considered a motorcycle, you’ll likely need a motorcyle endorsement to ride and you should always wear a helmet, but laws vary from state to state.  Check with your local laws to be sure.  Also, if you can drive a stick, you can ride a Slingshot.  This opens up the thrill to a lot of women who may not be able to ride a bike, but want the feel of the wind on their face. Our friends at Polaris invited BGR to take a test ride of the new 2018 Slingshot models, riding along the gorgeous coastline and canyons of Malibu, CA.  Let’s get behind the wheel of this trendsetting ride... From first look, the new 2018 models keep the same body style of last year.  They new S model comes in gloss black and starts at a lower price point of just $19,999, perfect for those looking for an innovative riding experience.  The Slingshot S is a 5 speed manual transmission ride, with a GM Ecotec 2.4L DOHC 4 Cylinder Engine, with 173 Horsepower, projector beam headlights, ABS Disc Breaks, Power Steering and Traction Control.  This ride leaves lots of room to make the ride your own, with the new 2018 Slingshot accesories. 2018 Slingshot SL models ($25,499) come equipped with a back-up camera,18” Front Machined Cast Aluminum Wheels, and the new Polaris Ride Command system, made popular on the 2017 Indian Motorcycle Chieftain and Roadmaster models.  The 7” multi touch display offers great visibility and ease of use, both with and without gloves.  The Ride Command system includes includes a 7-inch multi-touch display with Bluetooth connectivity, phone integration, USB and customizable information screens. On the SLR and SLR LE, Ride Command includes turn-by-turn navigation.  2018 SL colors include navy blue and sunset red.

The 2018 SLR Model ($28,999) includes Sparco racing components, an extra-wide 305mm rear tire, and high performance forged aluminum wheels.  Premium SLR-branded seats offer extra support in the corners.  The Slingshot SLR also includes the Ride Command system and the has improved suspension, the powerful Rockford Fosgate 100 watt sound system, a bigger rim and tire, Sparco Components and racing seats, and the ride Command system. 2018 brings a beautiful new colors including Electric Blue and Orange Madness. The new addition to the Slingshot family is the 2018 Slingshot SLR LE ($30,999).  They’ve included every feature available in the SLR, and added Bilstein 10-way adjustable shocks, making your suspension customizable in just a few clicks on the fly.  The suspension on the Slingshot SLR LE makes for an amazing ride through tight turns.  The SLR LE also includes an upgraded 200 Watt Rockford Fosgate sound system, and premium sport seats.  The new Slingshot SLR LE is available in Ghost Gray with Lime Squeeze accents ans special edition graphics. Polaris has expanded their line of accessories to include 31 different ways to personalize the look of the Slingshot to make it your own.  From front grills, tented windshields and lighting kits, to a rear fender, wider rims and tires, they’ve taken a lot of notes from the customization happening in the streets to bring you the cleanest looks imaginable.  All models can add upgraded seats, components and the premium 200 watt Rockford Fosgate audio kit. Our favorite new accessory is the Slingshade, a removeable sunshade that turns the Slingshot into a hard or even a t-top.  The Slingshot is already a head turner, but cruising around town with the Slingshade got a ton of looks from kids to exotic car owners, alike.  The Slingshade is available in all colors, ranging in price from $2499 - $2999.  We really enjoyed the handling of the 2018 Slingshot in the Malibu Canyons.  It’s a ton of fun to ride!


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