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Indian ClimaCommand Comfort Seat For the Challenger

Indian Motorcycle announced it’s expanding its revolutionary heated and cooled seat with the ClimaCommand Comfort Seat for Challenger models. Utilizing the same proprietary thermoelectric technology and flexible graphene material as the ClimaCommand seats for Thunderstroke models, the ClimaCommand Comfort Seat improves rider and passenger comfort in all conditions.

Available now for model year 2019-2021 Indian Challenger models, the well-cushioned seat provides adjustable heating and cooling for the rider seat and the slightly elevated passenger perch. Both riders and passengers can select one of three levels (low, medium, high) in both heating and cooling via integrated buttons. In addition, the ClimaCommand Comfort seat seamlessly integrates within the Challenger’s seven-inch RideCommand infotainment system – making it even easier to control and manage heating and cooling settings. Features of the new ClimaCommand Comfort Seat include:

  1. Well-cushioned seat includes slightly elevated passenger perch

  2. Adjustable heating and cooling controls for both rider and passenger via Ride Command or seat controls

  3. 3 levels of control in both heating and cooling modes

  4. Heated seat settings to stay comfortable when the weather turns cool

  5. Cooling seat settings to minimize sweating and discomfort during warm-weather

  6. Durable, water- and UV-resistant vinyl cover

  7. East to clean

  8. Modern, aggressive styling to complement its plush comfort Check it out HERE!



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