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Ride to Vote 2020

Making Change Together - Elect BIDEN HARRIS 2020Black Girls Ride is partnering with "Ride to the Polls 2020" to help organize a set of rides around the country that encourages motorcyclists to get out and vote. Collectively and collaboratively, we will be the change that our country needs

We are riding because:

  1. All Americans deserve equal civil and human rights regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, and/or ability.

  2. Our government and institutions need to make meaningful progress toward systemic anti-racism.

  3. Police departments and other law enforcement should protect and serve their citizens, not the other way around. Police must be held accountable for excessive force, racism, and abuse of power used against its citizens.

  1. The government needs to make significant strides in providing affordable healthcare and education to all.

  2. Treatment of non-U.S. citizens as terrorists must stop. Organizations such as ICE and Border Patrol need to discontinue the human rights violations that they perpetrate on a regular basis.

  3. The government needs to provide better support for veterans, low-income households, the homeless, and those with mental and physical disabilities.

  4. Climate change is one of the most significant global threats that we face today. The government must make meaningful progress in reducing our environmental footprint.

  5. The current administration is failing to uphold the values and principles that make up the integrity and functionality of this country.

We encourage you to ride with us during the 2020 election period to vote for BIDEN HARRIS 2020 and the changes that need to be made in the United States. If you are interested in participating in this ride, this is how to get involved:

  1. We are organizing rides around the country. Details for each ride - including date, route, etc. - will be specific to each location. Please check back here to see if there's a ride in your area and if would like to organize one, please contact us using the form below.

  2. Most rides will be held before election day using early, mail-in ballots where possible. If you want to participate in your ride:

  3. Please make sure you are registered to vote! You can register to vote or check your registration here. Even if you think you are registered, please CHECK YOUR REGISTRATION, as voter purging is a known issue.

  4. Please request your mail-in ballot early enough that you will receive it BEFORE the ride. Participants are encouraged to register for mail-in ballots BY OCTOBER 1, 2020 to ensure that their mail-in ballots are received in time for the election. You can find out more about your state’s mail-in ballot requirements here.

  5. Please note that all ballots must be in-hand, filled out, signed, sealed, and ready to drop off BEFORE the rides begin. No one should be filling out ballots on the day of the ride.

  6. Because COVID-19 is still a threat, all participants will be required to wear a face mask when not wearing their helmets. Social distancing must be adhered to throughout the duration of any and all events.

  7. Follow @blackgirlsride on Instagram or keep tabs on the Black Girls Ride Facebook page. We will be posting updates and links to sign up for rides as we get closer to the election.

  8. If you cannot participate in the ride or if your state does not allow for mail-in/absentee ballots, PLEASE REMEMBER TO GO VOTE ON ELECTION DAY - NOVEMBER 3, 2020. If you go this route, please take a selfie by your bike wearing your “I Voted” sticker, tag @blackgirlsride, and we may share your photo!

Eventbrite sign-ups Are Here. Please sign up through your respective Eventbrite page so we’ll know to expect you on the ride. 1. NY/NJ/PA Rider Registration- 2. Southern California Rider Registration - 3. North Carolina Rider Registration - 4. Georgia Rider Registration - 5. Virginia Rider Registration - Don't your area listed above?  Check the map below for our partner rides!


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