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"When I was about 16 years old, my desire to ride started. My driving instructor told me that he rode motorcycles and I told him I wanted to do the same. ⁠ The only reason why I did not start riding was that my family was terrified of me. So I chose not to ride out of respect for their fear.⁠ However, all of that changed over a few years ago. When I was dating my ex of 6 years. We decided as a couple we would like to start riding. I was so excited but we broke up the week I had made the decision to sign up for school. ⁠ Despite the breakup, I went to the school and signed up for the class but did not tell my family until I paid for the class. I got my license and started learning in the back alley with the help of my brother and a friend. ⁠ One of my most memorable riding experiences, was when I was learning in the back alley and I almost fell off the bike but my brother caught me in one hand and caught the bike with the other. I had no idea a man could be that strong!⁠ Unfortunately, my brother passed away and it was more difficult than anyone could ever imagine. So when people ask me why I ride so often and focus on my bike life, the biggest reason is my brother. ⁠ When you lose someone who you love deeply and with all your heart you find ways to distract yourself and cope. I also ride because it's something he was so impressed with. He was proud of me for doing something that very few black women do where I'm from.⁠ I've never talked about this to anyone and it's very hard to speak about but I ride until I see my brother again in paradise."⁠ Jenny from Washington, DC rides a 2011 Suzuki 750cc Gsx-R.⁠ 📸: @j.e.n.n.y.s.v.i.b.e.z


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