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S.T.A.R. MC of Georgia

Shining on the streets Georgia, you’ll find the ladies of S.T.A.R. MC. These brilliant women have forged a tight-knit sisterhood based on riding and community service. With two chapters full of dedicated women, their future is as bright as their name. Let’s take a ride with these ladies... Q. Tell us about S.T.A.R. MC... A. S.T.A.R. MC Augusta Chapter (Mother Chapter) was transformed by a group of 12 determined ladies with a mission to stay together as a family. We were FAMILY for over a year before becoming S.T.A.R. MC. We are not just a motorcycle club but we are FAMILY. We genuinely care about each other as women. We were determined not to become victims of our circumstances or surroundings. And through that determination, we have transformed into Sisters Together that are Always Real.  In February 2015 we chartered our Atlanta Chapter with 8 Ladies and we have been riding and friends for a combination of up to 4 yrs together. Q. What’s the club’s mission or motto? A. Our mission To promote safe and fun riding while maintaining a good relationship within our community and with our fellow motorcycle enthusiasts.  Our vision is to have unity and camaraderie for the female motorcycle enthusiasts, while creating a positive image of the female rider. Q. What challenges have you faced as females in a club? A. At first it was the Lack of Respect in the beginning from our Male MC! Now...some females will ask to join us then see the requirements and see that we have rules and we follow them and we are not just a support club that follow a male MC around (groupies), then they become disinterested so to say the least Prospective members that lack commitment! Q. What annual events do you promote? A. The last weekend in June every year is our anniversary event (This year it’s Jun 24-26 2016)! Our Annual CSRA EOA Toy Drive is alway the first bike night in Dec (This Year it’s 7 Dec 16)!  Our End of Year Collabo with our Brother Club (TruIkonz Augusta Chapter) this years date TBD!  We support all in ATL, including the Atlanta Female Motorcycle Xmas Toy Drive and did a Blanket Drive.  We will be supporting The All Female Ride to Jacksonville in April and helping out where ever we can. Q. What does your club look for in a member? A. We look for added value (what are they bringing to the club) are they committed enough to prospect for 6 months! This helps builds a long-lasting relationship with every member and not just a few! Honest, Loyal, Dedicated, Committed Motorcycle riding Team Players! Q. What should a woman look for in an MC club? Stability, strong leadership a club that can meet ones expectations, a family oriented sisterhood with missions and visions that are Similar to what a rider is looking for! Q. What are your favorite cities or roads to ride? - Country back roads from Augusta to Macon Ga - I-20 to I-95 headed to Myrtle Beach, NC, VA and Maryland - I-20 to I-26/I-40 to SC, NC, & TN mountains - Of course we love our city Atlanta (20, 285, 75/85) but there’s nothing like any open road that is new to us, as long as we are together or out enjoying with other friends as well. Q. Are there any last words you’d like to leave us with? A. Sisters Together, Always Real is our motto and because we struggled to stay together almost 10 years ago and we are very particular about bringing new members on board! Only the strong and committed survive!  We ride, we fight, we love and we stand together as S.T.A.R.  We could not of chosen a better group of women that stand for what we stand for to expand with and continue this movement.


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