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Sista Santas in Louisiana


The Louisiana Female Bikers Coalition donated 400 bags filled with toys to the children of Opelousas, La.  Thirteen lady bikers came together for a common goal; to give back to the kids of this area.  The Sista Santa Ride was organized by Shon "Doh Gurl" Green, Terry "Glamorous" Holmes & Alfreda "Fab" Harrington.  These ladies worked hard to promote the toy giveaway on radio and tv, and to our surprise, 400 smiling faces showed up to see Santa being escorted by 13 Sista Santas on motorcycles. The children were provided snacks and were able write letters and take pictures with Santa (pictures donated by Kevin William Shakespeare of KJ Photography).

The Louisiana Female Bikers Coalition is planning to donate a second donation of school supplies to a local elementary school that was devastated by a 1000 year flood and the school remains closed.  The kids are doubled up at a neighboring school.  We want to recognize and thank you ladies for all you're doing for the youth in your community!


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