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SUPER73® teams up with Topgolf

Based on the SUPER73-S2 platform, the electric bike company’s Special Projects team, known internally as HALO, partnered with Topgolf to create something that would be eye-catching, fun and functional. Inspiration was drawn from the traditional golf cart, which has remained largely unchanged for decades. The concept was to update the format, offering the modern golfer a practical alternative that could quickly transform into a work commuter or urban explorer when not at the golf course. No longer limited to the fairways and greens, the powerful motor and selectable riding modes of the S2 model are well suited to the multi-role application.

With functionality in mind, the HALO team’s first priority was to custom fabricate a golf bag carrier for the bike, which cleverly attaches to the frame but can be unbolted in a matter of seconds whenever necessary.

Since golf is a civilized sport, the Topgolf S2 was also outfitted with an ice cooler and golf ball-designed Speaqua Speaker. Mounted to a SUPER73-branded molle panel, the cooler offsets the weight of the golf bag once beverages are added and chilled, while the speaker does the heavy sonic lifting mounted under the S2’s removable battery pack.

With the custom items fabricated, the SUPER73-S2 frame, battery casing and chain guard were painted in a luxuriant green. The wheels, triple crown and chainring were powder coated a bright green, contrasting the white graphics, which included the Topgolf and SUPER73 logos. A breadloaf-style Saddlemen custom seat shares the green and white color scheme, with the project rounded out by Vee Speedster Whitewall Tires and a SUPER73 McFly handlebar.

“This was an exciting build for everybody at SUPER73,” said LeGrand Crewse, SUPER73 CEO. “Topgolf’s spin on golf and its efforts to make the sport more approachable aligns perfectly with our stated goal to make two-wheeled transportation as fun and accessible as possible. We’re ecstatic to see the project come to life.”



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