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Hey Everyone, its your girl Foxi Brn out of Round Rock, Tx stopping in to share my latest Solo Journey. Hope all’s good with everyone.

This Journey was a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada for the ( West Coast All Female Ride 2023). Journey started on April 26th (Wednesday) at 0541 am and ended on May 1st (Monday) at 0440 am. Total of 2656 miles.

Here’s My Journey:

  1. 04/26th/23 at 0541 Well it has been a Long minute since NAAYA and I have gotten some “Ground Pounding” in. So today will be the day. Las Vegas, Nevada bound. 2023 West Coast All Female Ride.

  2. April 27th- Thurs After 1303 miles and 23 hours 1:52 am Pacific- 3:52 am Central, I FINALLY made it to my hotel, only after almost getting hit 3 x’s impatient azz drivers, knowing dayum well you see me! I’m Looking like a on 2’s. (a)-Got a couple hours of sleep, the it was some sipping, and head over to registration. (b) It was onto the Meet and Greetand yes I caught an Uber.

  3. April 28th-Friday Day Event at Sin City Indian dealership, hosted by Porsche Taylor of Black Girls Ride. Another great day of fellowship. (a) Left the dealership and headed back to the hotel, where the Mobile detail came and cleaned up NAAYA. (b). My girls Fierce Lady Riders out of Dallas rolled up. (c) At 6:45 pm your girl was in the bed. Got sick on the ride in from Tx.

  4. April 29th- Saturday The Ride, daytime event at Las Vegas Harley Dealership. (a) Ride coming back in. (b) Sound competition (c) left daytime event, back to hotel and meet up with my peeps. Then we headed over to The Sahara casino for some (Chickies &Pete’s Seafood). OMG- $160 platter was so worth it! (d) called it a night.. 4am comes pretty quick!

  5. April 30th-Sunday Well hell, after the Fire alarm went off 2:30 am, hotel evacuated. At 2:45 clear to go back in. No need going back to sleep.. Texas bound baby at 0441 pacific time and 0641 Central time. Got my selfies with my wind Sista’s who’s headed out as well.

  6. May 1st- Monday Basically 14 hours later… Touch Down TEXAS. Now my azz had to stop to put on cold weather gear. Wind is kicking my Azz! (a)OMG! After 22 hours, 1316 miles later, The Jaquar pulled into The Jaquarz Lounge. A total of 2656 miles (RT) for this journey Foxi Brn — in Round Rock, TX.


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