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Geared Up: Motochic's Lauren Bag

For those of us who ride motorcycles as our daily commuter vehicle, it’s nice to have accessory options that are both stylish and functional. We were eager to take Motochic’s Lauren bag off the bike and for a spin around town...

FIRST IMPRESSION: Motochic’s Lauren bag is extremely well made. The quilted leather gives the bag luxurious feel. All of the closing seams are really well done. From the first look, the design is fun and fashionable.

THE REVIEW: We took a test ride with the bag in backpack mode. The hardware used to keep the bag closed and secure while in transit is impressive. The reflective panels are great for high visibility in night traffic. The backpack straps are just long enough to ride comfortably, although an additional inch on each side wouldn’t hurt.



With a few quick tucks and zips, the backpack converted into a cute tote bag. The tote straps could be just a bit longer, or even adjustable. Inside, there’s lots of space and separate pockets for anything you might need to carry, including a laptop or hydration pack. Both on and off the bike, you’ve got a great daily bag, created for the rider that easily transitions from day to night.



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