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Product Review: Viking Cycle "Cruise" Motorcycle Jacket


We're starting the new year with our new product review series, "BGR Geared Up: Real Reviews by Real Riders". We'll be posting reviews of products as tested by real riders just like you. Our goal isn't to sell the products we review, but rather, provide actual useful feedback on issues from sizing and pricing, to durability and safety. "Cruiser" Jacket Features

  1. Made of soft yet durable Premium Top Quality Cowhide Leather

  2. Durable Zippers

  3. Braided Design On Front Seams

  4. Highest Quality at Lowest Price

  5. Removable Zip-Out Lining - See more at: In episode 2, has requested a review of their new Viking Cycle "Cruise" Motorcycle Jacket for women. We asked our guest rider Nikki Weatherford to give us her opinion on the fit and feel of the jacket. Check out what she had to say... Find the Viking Cycle "Cruise" Jacket and More at:



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